“Being pregnant with my first child I felt completely ignorant to pregnancy and childbirth, and with that fear became ever present in my mind. I watched The Business of Being Born and realized very quickly that I wanted a doula to help me through the process. I’m so thankful to have found Jennifer. She educated my husband and I on all things pregnancy and labor and delivery. When the day finally came to deliver my child, she worked with the doctors and nurses to explain the experiencethat I wanted to have. She was our advocate, our cheerleader, teacher, coach, and support. Without her there is no doubt that our birth experience would have been infinitely more fearful and chaotic. Plus she has been a wealth of knowledge post partum, especially with breastfeeding. I don’t have a single regret in hiring her, and would recommend her to anyone and everyone.”

~Brittany F

Elle H.When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first child we were so excited but when we did the math and figured out that he would be in the middle of a deployment a flood of other emotions came over us as well. A friend of mine mentioned Operation Special Delivery (OSD), a program that connects pregnant women who are going to be delivering their babies solo due to deployments and other military related situations with doulas, I began researching it and liked the idea of having someone by my side through out the journey that pregnancy and childbirth is since my husband couldn’t. I originally connected with Jennifer through OSD. From our first meeting I knew her calming demeanor and extensive knowledge would be a wonderful resource during childbirth and the time leading up to it. Once I settled on Jennifer as my doula and began to forge a trusting relationship with her she suggested I take some sort of Childbirth Education in order to be prepared for what was to come; I ended up doing this education with her. It was great to have the flexibility of the one on one sessions as well as the opportunity to create a bond with Jennifer leading up to my due date. I learned so much and it was with this knowledge that I was able to feel fully prepared to bring a baby into the world. Jennifer was incredibly supportive of how I wanted my birth, which was with as little medical interventions as possible, however she stressed that she was there to be supportive of whatever decisions I ended up making. When my due date came and went and my doctor broached the subject of induction Jennifer helped connect me with resources so I could make the best decision for myself and my baby. During my birth it was wonderful to have Jennifer by my side, not only being the best cheerleader but also a great advocate for me. Having her present allowed me to fully focus on the task at hand and with her gentle encouragement and advice I was able to delivery a healthy baby girl exactly as I had wanted. Deciding to have a doula at my birth was one of the best decisions I could have made. If my husband and I are blessed enough to have more children I will definitely choose to use a doula again and if possible Jennifer. I highly encourage all women to have a doula at their birth regardless of their spouses ability to be there as well!”

~Elle H.

“This was my first experience with a doula.... my husband was also deployed during my baby girls birth... and I must say Jennifer was such an amazing support system for me! She taught me so much about child birth without all the unneccesary medical interventions, and even though my birth plan didn’t go exactly as I planned, she supported all my decisions! Thank you Jennifer!”

~Jenni L.