breastfeeding Virginia

Breastfeeding Support

Mothering through breastfeeding is the ideal means of meeting your baby’s need for nourishment and security and a woman’s transition into motherhood.

 We understand every mother, baby, and family has their own unique set of strengths, needs, and goals. Our mission is to provide compassionate breastfeeding counseling, education, and awareness.

Your breastmilk is specific to your baby, making it the best nutrition on earth. While nursing is the natural way for your baby to grow and thrive,  it is important to BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF- it is also a learned skill on your part as well as baby’s. This learning curve is exactly why we exist, to offer support and assistance in order to help you develop a cherished nursing relationship and lifelong health benefits with your baby

Prenatal Consultation

Don’t let history repeat itself!!  If you have a history of breastfeeding difficulties, begin prenatally getting the assistance you need to succeedDuring this session, we will explore your medical history and previous breastfeeding issues.

Visual breast/nipple exam included for those expecting moms who have concerns with their anatomy which can make latching more difficult i.e. short, flat nipples, under developed (tubular) breast, etc.

A birth plan and breastfeeding plan will be tailored towards you and your family’s unqiue situation and goals. Both partners should be present.

Breastfeeding Problem Resolution

We will quickly work to repair any damage to the breastfeeding relationship to achieve relaxed, easy feedings. Common problems include slow or low weight gain, nipple pain or fussiness. We specialize in weaning clients off of interventions such as supplements or nipple shields. Our goal is for all clients to have exclusively breastfed babies and normal, functional lives.


  • Establishing Nursing Relationship

  • Latch Issues

  • Breast Pain

  • Engorgement, Plugged Ducts, Mastitis

  • Colic, Fussy Eaters, and Breast Refusal

  • Establishing & Maintaining Milk Supply

  • Multiples

  • Exclusive Pumping

  • Planning for working mothers

  • Extended Nursing

  • Weaning


  • Private in-home, hospital, or office individualized consultation

  • Initial phone call to obtain a detailed history and reason for the consult. Please have the dates/weights of your baby’s last few doctors’ appointments leading up to this phone call.

  • Weight check, transfer-weight (how much your baby is getting), suck assessment, and ways to supplement if medically indicated other than bottle will be taught. Also, if necessary or desired, how to use your breastpump, breastmilk collection/storage.

  • No Cost follow-up phone calls/texts for two days following your consult, for the same reason you were seen.

  • Report sent to both your OB/GYN and baby’s health care provider.

  • Supplies included to achieve latch/supplement i.e. nipple shields, feeding tubes, and syringes.

  • A written, custom plan of care will be provided on how to continue breastfeeding your baby with success after your consult.

Appointments may be scheduled over the phone, via EMAIL or through the CONNECT page A brief description of your needs will be required. Collecting a 3-day food log may be required prior to scheduled appointment.